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Aelis Couture Fall 2022

The Italian designer's light-as-air tulle creations stayed grounded with crystal and quartz touches.

Aelis Couture Spring 2022

Sofia Crociani mixed humanely sourced feathers, vintage lace and an homage to Kurt Cobain this season.

Aelis Fall Couture 2021

Sofia Crociani launched an NFT project linked to her collection this season.

Aelis Couture Spring 2021

Sofia Crociani showed a collection inspired by spiders, bees and art.

Aelis Couture Fall 2020

Sofia Crociani wanted to impart a positive message, and present a collection inspired by beauty and art.

Aelis Couture Spring 2020

An evening dress was made of 400 meters of ruched ribbons to mimic the shape of a jellyfish.

Aelis Couture Fall 2019

Inspired by pictures of the Earth taken from space, long trailing silk gowns with unfinished hems floated…

Aelis Couture Spring 2019

The Italian designer pursued her durable approach to couture, crafting poetic silhouettes out of natural…

Aelis Couture Fall 2018

Inspired by the lofty eagle, Sofia Crociani's collection took flight.

Aelis Couture Spring 2018

The Italian designer stuck to her pursuit of ecological fashion with a collection of timeless pieces.

Aelis Couture Fall 2017

Sofia Crociani quietly unveiled her couture collection with a focus on eco-friendly fabrics like organic silk…