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Peuterey RTW Fall 2015

Combining the brand’s signature aesthetic, Riccardo Coppola injected a fresh, contemporary twist into women’s…

Peuterey RTW Spring 2015

For spring, Peuterey embraced an ethnic theme, which translated into young and fresh outerwear pieces…

Peuterey Aiguille Noire RTW Fall 2014

Francesco Ferrari and Tomaso Anfossi delivered a pretty lineup filled with streetwear influences.

Peuterey Aiguille Noire RTW Spring 2014

For their wearable lineup, Francesco Ferrari and Tomaso Anfossi reworked a Pan Am-inspired theme with a…

Aiguille Noire RTW Fall 2013

Francesco Ferrari and Tomaso Anfossi injected an urban sensibility into the outdoors-inspired collection.

Aiguille Noire RTW Spring 2013

Francesco Ferrari and Tomaso Anfossi infused their capsule collection with a sense of joyful elegance.

Aiguille Noire Men’s RTW Spring 2013

Designer Andrea Incontri melded Italian tailoring with British sportswear for a sophisticated lineup inspired…