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Akris Women’s RTW Spring 2023

Marking Akris' 100th anniversary, designer Albert Kriemler folded a few vintage designs into his spring 2023…

Akris RTW Fall 2022

Pixellated artworks sparked a lively collection built on squares.

Akris RTW Spring 2022

Albert Kriemler took inspiration from the humble apron, the roots of the Swiss company.

Akris Fall 2021

A stroll through St. Gallen inspired the collection, full of sumptuously embroidered and practical coats and…

Akris RTW Spring 2021

Albert Kriemler and artist Imi Knoebel share a passion for original color — and output that is…

Akris RTW Fall 2020

Albert Kriemler borrowed cubist and graphic elements from Robert Mallet-Stevens.

Akris Pre-Fall 2020

Pre-fall is a milestone, marking Albert Kriemler's 40 years at the helm of the Swiss brand.

Akris RTW Spring 2020

Albert Kriemler updated classy, preppy looks with square cuts and a shot of silver.

Akris Resort 2020

Designer Albert Kriemler kept the collection straightforward, with great functional pieces suitable for the…

Akris RTW Fall 2019

The sumptuous materials did most of the talking here, with Albert Kriemler creating a front-row-only show in…

Akris Pre-Fall 2019

In place of the inspiration for one specific artist for his pre-fall collection, Albert Kriemler looked to…

Akris RTW Spring 2019

Albert Kriemler celebrated the work of avant-garde Romanian artist Geta Brătescu, known for the joyful…

Akris Resort 2019

Known for polished and serious pieces Albert Kriemler found a way to inject some lighthearted Pop Art notes…

Akris RTW Fall 2018

Albert Kriemler drew from the Vienna Secession period to build a handsome and polished collection.

Akris Pre-Fall 2018

Santa Fe, N.M., inspired this collection.