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A. Teodoro RTW Fall 2021

Albino Teodoro presented a stripped-back collection that felt refreshing.

A. Teodoro RTW Spring 2021

Albino Teodoro had to think smaller this season and delivered feel-good fashion in tune with the times.

A. Teodoro RTW Fall 2020

The designer delivered a compact collection of theatrical evening looks that are begging for a red-carpet…

A. Teodoro Pre-Fall 2020

Graphic florals and military topcoats perfectly integrated in this charming collection.

A. Teodoro RTW Spring 2020

The designer opted for raw fabrics to craft his elegant evening silhouettes, which were finished off with…

A. Teodoro Resort 2020

Teodoro was inspired by the work of American photographer Slim Aarons for this effortless collection.

A. Teodoro RTW Fall 2019

The designer upturned uniforms infusing feminine touches.

Albino Teodoro RTW Spring 2019

The real, proud women portrayed by Vivianne Sassen served as inspiration for this elegant collection.

Albino Teodoro RTW Fall 2018

The designer worked with the feminine/masculine, constructed/deconstructed dichotomy.

Albino Teodoro RTW Spring 2018

Celebrating imperfect beauty, the designer played with proportions and unexpected details to convey a very…

Albino Teodoro Resort 2018

The designer, who is launching men's wear next January, introduced a few unisex looks in its elegant…

Albino Teodoro RTW Fall 2017

While his background is in tailoring, the designer delivered feminine flair with panache.

Albino Pre-Fall 2017

Albino D'Amato juxtaposed masculine and feminine references in this elegant lineup.

Albino RTW Spring 2017

Tropical flowers, cute penguins and stripes gave a playful, summery twist to this easy-chic collection.

Albino Resort 2017

Albino D'Amato crafted rich jacquard brocades inspired by wallpapers from buildings in Miami's Art Deco…