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Alex Mullins Men’s Fall 2019

Whatever lens you looked through, it was a confident collection that drew upon references to Western dress…

Alex Mullins Men’s Spring 2019

Assured confidence came through in pleasantly unexpected fabrics and details.

Alex Mullins Men’s Fall 2018

Alex Mullins played with contrasts for fall, in a bid to achieve the right balance between the formal and the…

Alex Mullins Men’s Spring 2018

Alex Mullins looked at spring through a peculiar lens for a pleasantly distorted collection where jacket…

Alex Mullins Men’s Fall 2017

The designer offered an inventive take on workwear, with a palette inspired by cozy interiors.

Alex Mullins Men’s Spring 2017

Alex Mullins continued to blend his graphic shapes with innovative fabric techniques.

Alex Mullins Men’s RTW Fall 2016

The starting point for Alex Mullins' collection was boredom — "Waiting for a bus in the rain when you want…

Alex Mullins Men’s RTW Fall 2015

Alex Mullins played with proportions for fall, proposing cropped flares and elongated jackets in corduroy…

Alex Mullins Men’s RTW Spring 2015

The designer imagined a Native American biker gang hanging out in a trailer park.