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Alexander McQueen Men’s Spring 2022

Sarah Burton took the Romantic poet, painter and printmaker William Blake as her inspiration this season…

Alexander McQueen RTW Fall 2021

Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen chose anemones and water as her themes for fall 2021, "for healing, for…

Alexander McQueen Men’s Fall 2021

Designer Sarah Burton spliced razor-sharp formal suiting with workwear, creating cool hybrid suits from a…

Alexander McQueen RTW Spring 2021

Sarah Burton wanted to strip everything back, and offer an X-ray vision of the clothing.

Alexander McQueen Men’s Spring 2021

Sarah Burton made a collection out of old stock, overprinting or overdyeing fabrics, with the odd pearly…

Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2020

This collection, completed well before London went into lockdown, drew on the British landscape, rocks and…

Alexander McQueen RTW Fall 2020

A love letter to Welsh handcraft and plenty of commercial pieces.

Alexander McQueen Men’s Fall 2020

This outing was about the statement pieces, and boy, did they have something to say.

Alexander McQueen Resort 2020

Alexander McQueen collection was filled with contrasts and inspired by vintage and living flora.

Alexander McQueen RTW Spring 2020

By focusing on Irish handcraft traditions and tapping not just her atelier but the entire Alexander McQueen…

Alexander McQueen Men’s Spring 2020

Even though Alexander McQueen decided to show men's wear in a presentation format, rather than on a runway…

Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2019

This big, bold collection drew on the industrial north of England, Fifties ballrooms and Eighties punks.

Alexander McQueen RTW Fall 2019

For her exquisite collection for Alexander McQueen, Sarah Burton took inspiration from the mill towns of…

Alexander McQueen Resort 2019

A Victorian seaside breeze blew through this collection, which was filled with contrasting elements.

Alexander McQueen RTW Spring 2019

Sarah Burton showed a lyrical collection based on the notion of women finding strength in their…