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Alexander Wang Collection 1 2020

Wang's first 2020 collection was a celebration of American fashion's heritage and future, and a proud…

Alexander Wang Collection 2

For his first December Collection 2 show, Alexander Wang brought forth new twists on uptown and downtown…

Alexander Wang Collection 1

Called simply "Collection 1," the lineup was new in terms of scheduling, but not in brand identity.

Alexander Wang RTW Fall 2018

Wang stocked the collection, his strongest in a little while, with symbols of what made late 20th-century…

Alexander Wang RTW Spring 2018

Somewhere along the way, Alexander Wang's obsession with partying overshadowed his interest in design.

Alexander Wang RTW Fall 2017

Black clothes in a dark, decrepit theater in Harlem. Standing room only.

Alexander Wang RTW Spring 2017

The designer unveiled his Adidas Originals collection and a stellar surf-inspired spring lineup.

Alexander Wang RTW Fall 2016

Intent on showing his rebellious side, Alexander Wang riffed on punks, prepsters, ladies, streetwear and an…

Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2016

Classic bourgeois ladies with a naughty side populated Wang's pre-fall lineup.

Alexander Wang RTW Spring 2016

As he celebrates his 10th anniversary, Alexander Wang wanted his spring collection to reflect the real way he…

Alexander Wang Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Alexander Wang put a fresh spin on norm core for his spring collection, which took municipal uniforms as its…

Alexander Wang Resort 2016

Pondering anonymity, the designer incorporated extracted brand labels and exploded scanner codes into clothes…

Alexander Wang RTW Fall 2015

Heavy metal, the band Kiss in particular, inspired Wang's fall collection.

Alexander Wang Men’s RTW Fall 2015

Venice Beach's skating and surfing subculture inspired Alexander Wang for fall, yielding a fun and nonchalant…

Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2015

The collection features a range of looks and proportions that a girl can mix and match with…