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Alexandre Vauthier Couture Fall 2021

This all-black collection felt like a glamorous palate cleanser, with a dash of experiments like a realistic…

Alexandre Vauthier RTW Fall 2021

From a night on the dance floor to a day at the office, Alexandre Vauthier had it covered.

Alexandre Vauthier Couture Spring 2021

After 10 months of lockdown, the couturier is ready to party.

Alexandre Vauthier RTW Spring 2021

Alexandre Vauthier's extensive spring collection bubbled with characteristic glamor.

Alexandre Vauthier Couture Fall 2020

"What did I do? Paris. Pure beauty," said Vauthier.

Alexandre Vauthier RTW Fall 2020

Alexandre Vauthier democratized his couture themes in this broad collection.

Alexandre Vauthier Couture Spring 2020

The French couturier put together eclectic styles with one common thread: the time-consuming luxury of…

Alexandre Vauthier RTW Spring 2020

The collection expanded Parisian style tropes and icons of his latest couture into a plentiful ready-to-wear…

Alexandre Vauthier Couture Fall 2019

It was all about Paris and its influence on Vauthier's path as a designer — from silhouettes to soundtrack…

Alexandre Vauthier Couture Spring 2019

Vauthier continued his homage to the handiwork of the métiers d'arts in the Parisian-themed collection.

Alexandre Vauthier Couture Fall 2018

The designer backstage described it as a celebration of the savoir-faire of France's métiers d'art.

Alexandre Vauthier RTW Fall 2018

The racks heaved with more tempered takes on his spring 2018 Eighties couture extravaganza.

Alexandre Vauthier Couture Spring 2018

Subtlety had left the dance floor as the designer remembered the fashions of the New Wave and New Romantic…

Alexandre Vauthier RTW Spring 2018

The designer as usual focused on merch-friendly feminine basics and eveningwear based on his last couture…

Alexandre Vauthier Couture Fall 2017

The couturier channeled Studio 54 glamour for the after-dark focused collection.