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Alexandre Vauthier Couture Fall 2017

The couturier channeled Studio 54 glamour for the after-dark focused collection.

Alexandre Vauthier Fall 2017

Hooked on the designer's couture line, the broad collection went from sexy after-dark minis to homewear items…

Alexandre Vauthier Couture Spring 2017

The designer presented a more approachable spin on couture.

Alexandre Vauthier RTW Spring 2017

The urban Parisienne-oriented line carried over codes from the designer's couture line.

Alexandre Vauthier Couture Fall 2016

The designer has a knack for integrating complex artisanal techniques while making his couture pieces look…

Alexandre Vauthier RTW Fall 2016

The designer mixed street with sex appeal in a racy collection riffing off his couture line.

Alexandre Vauthier Couture Spring 2016

The collection was an exercise in urban sex appeal that is germane to Parisian nightlife dressing.

Alexandre Vauthier RTW Spring 2016

Alexandre Vauthier's golden formula — sexy, curvy, cool — continued for spring, with the addition of some…

Alexandre Vauthier Couture Fall 2015

Alexandre Vauthier's fall couture collection was armed and glamorous as the designer trimmed seductive…

Alexandre Vauthier RTW Fall 2015

The designer served up a volley of his famously saucy silhouettes.

Alexandre Vauthier Couture Spring 2015

Alexandre Vauthier said he wanted to go back to his roots and focus on craft.

Alexandre Vauthier RTW Spring 2015

A glance at Alexandre Vauthier’s spring look book indicated where this season was heading: down the 120 yards…

Alexandre Vauthier Couture Fall 2014

Alexandre Vauthier is weaning himself off the dazzle of disco, and embracing resplendent reality.

Alexandre Vauthier RTW Fall 2014

The designer chose a more restrained approach to his ready-to-wear collection this fall.

Alexandre Vauthier Couture Spring 2014

The designer pumped up the artistic side of his couture collection for spring.