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Alexis Mabille Couture Fall 2021

Alexis Mabille is counting on his clientele being ready to bloom on the red carpet once more.

Alexis Mabille RTW Fall 2021

Alexis Mabille worked an engaging lineup of crisp dresses in piqué silk, mostly in blues and golds, shimmery…

Alexis Mabille Couture Spring 2021

Inspired by the Roman goddess Voluptas, Alexis Mabille offered up a dramatic wardrobe full of movement.

Alexis Mabille RTW Spring 2021

The designer is drawing on rtw to build up future generations of haute couture clients.

Alexis Mabille Couture Fall 2020

Alexis Mabille alternated classical Hollywood-inspired silhouettes with magpie combinations of pattern and…

Alexis Mabille Couture Spring 2020

Alexis Mabille showed an all-white collection in an intimate show introduced by Dita Von Teese.

Alexis Mabille RTW Spring 2020

There was a relaxed feel to Alexis Mabille's mix-and-match of masculine and feminine references.

Alexis Mabille Resort 2020

Patches of lace, bows and sprigs of tulle added liveliness to the serene collection, thought up for a woman…

Alexis Mabille Couture Fall 2019

The designer catered to variety of styles with outfits that were by turns streamlined and highly decorative.

Alexis Mabille RTW Fall 2019

Audrey Marnay modelled the tightly focused collection of bright and chic dresses for a jet-set crowd on the…

Alexis Mabille Couture Spring 2019

Alexis Mabille's spring collection delivered a blast of rainbow color as an antidote to the winter blues.

Lolita Chammah, Betony Vernon Among Front-row Faces at Alexis Mabille

Mareva Galanter, Simon Buret, Olivier Coursier, Marie Beltrami and Brigitte's Sylvie Hoarau were among the…

Alexis Mabille RTW Spring 2019

The lineup was Mabille through and through — couture codes applied to chic day wear, the exuberance reined in…

Alexis Mabille Couture Fall 2018

The designer brought the freshness of a summer garden into his fall collection.

Violet Chachki Teases Major Fashion Collaboration

The drag queen was among the guests at Alexis Mabille's couture show Tuesday afternoon.