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Altuzarra RTW Fall 2023

Fall served as Altuzarra's final chapter to his four-part study of nature, mythology and rituals.

Altuzarra RTW Spring 2023

Designer Joseph Altuzarra said he wanted to take his girl on a transformative journey, displayed on the…

Altuzarra RTW Fall 2022

"It was an homage to imagination. I felt this sense of wanderlust and wanting to escape," Altuzarra said of…

Altuzarra RTW Spring 2022

It was a welcome return to the rich bohemian look of the brand's early days.

Altuzarra RTW Fall 2021

For his "first post-COVID-19 collection," he wanted to mix "decadent comfort" with optimism for what's to…

Altuzarra RTW Spring 2021

Quarantine reinvigorated Altuzarra's creativity, and his collection was brilliant for it, like a breeze swept…

Altuzarra Resort 2021

The collection was centered around tailoring and revealing process.

Altuzarra RTW Fall 2020

Tactile tailoring, refined knits, floral cheongsams and boudoir-inspired extras made for a pitch-perfect mix…

Altuzarra Pre-Fall 2020

A trip to Japan influenced Joseph Altuzarra to design a thoughtful collection that explored the dichotomy…

Altuzarra RTW Spring 2020

Joseph Altuzarra's collection merged the season's tailoring and crafts impulses.

Altuzarra Resort 2020

For his resort collection, Joseph Altuzarra was inspired by the earthy sensuality of Robert Altman's "3…

Altuzarra RTW Fall 2019

Joseph Altuzarra seamlessly combined "bikers and leather fetish" with sophisticated dressing.

Altuzarra Pre-Fall 2019

Joseph Altuzarra broke out of his comfort zone with a collection that pushed new colors, silhouettes and…

Altuzarra RTW Spring 2019

Joseph Altuzarra captured the feelings of new, summer love in a happy, vibrant collection.

Altuzarra Resort 2019

"Call Me By Your Name" and the Italian coast had Joseph Altuzarra feeling summer love for resort.