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Ambush RTW Spring 2023

Yoon Ahn had practicality — as well as partying — in mind.

Ambush Resort 2023

Yoon Ahn created a mix-tape inspired by Tokyo's music scene in the 90s.

Ambush RTW Fall 2022

Yoon Ahn is building a compelling, future-thinking brand narrative.

Ambush Pre-Fall 2022

Yoon Ahn put the accent on technological innovation, with outfits in thermoreactive fabrics and voluminous…

Ambush Spring 2022

Designer Yoon Ahn introduced a category called Ambush Wksp, pronounced Workshop, with outdoor outfits in…

Ambush RTW and Men’s Fall 2021

Yoon Ahn's relaxed yet sophisticated collection had a focus on comfort.

Ambush RTW Spring 2021

"The last thing you want to worry about is how uncomfortable you feel in clothes," remarked Ahn, who pushed…

Ambush RTW Fall 2020

Following its acquisition by New Guards Group, the label plans to expand into shoes and handbags.

Ambush Spring 2019

Yoon Ahn continued to bend familiar references to give them new scope: beachwear for the streets.

Ambush RTW Fall 2018

The designer drew upon her Seattle roots to create a grunge-inspired, outdoorsy collection

Ambush Men’s Fall 2018

Yoon Ahn harked back to the sartorial references of her youth, putting them back together with her…

Ambush Men’s Spring 2018

Yoon Ahn said her "coming-of-age" collection was inspired by the Eighties classic "The Breakfast Club."