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Ami RTW Spring 2022

Alexandre Mattiussi offered elegant, elongated silhouettes for spring.

Ami Alexandre Mattiussi RTW Fall 2021

Alexandre Mattiussi gave '90s styles a Parisian do-over for a contemporary, urban consumer.

AMI Alexandre Mattiussi RTW Spring 2021

Alexandre Mattiussi sexed things up considerably this season with relaxed and sensual updates of looks from…

AMI Alexandre Mattiussi Men’s Fall 2020

Alexandre Mattiussi marked the brand's ninth anniversary with a collection that blended androgynous fluidity…

AMI Alexandre Mattiussi Spring 2020

The line revealed a dark side to the typically colorful designer, with a series of black, urban-chic…

AMI Alexandre Mattiussi Men’s Fall 2019

Alexandre Mattiussi gave Paris a hug with a collection of colorful coats, knits and tailored separates…

AMI Alexandre Mattiussi Men’s Spring 2019

Mattiussi bailed out of his urban environment and headed to the countryside, dressing models in a mix of…

AMI Alexandre Mattiussi Men’s Fall 2018

The French designer stayed well within his known parameters.

AMI Alexandre Mattiussi Spring Men’s 2018

The collection was themed around the idea of a bunch of tourists hanging out at Paris Plage, but filtered…

AMI Alexandre Mattiussi Men’s Fall 2017

The upbeat collection celebrated effortless Parisian cool.

AMI Alexandre Mattiussi Men’s Spring 2017

Alexandre Mattiussi served up a high-energy show with stylistic surprises.

AMI Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Alexandre Mattiussi ticked the quintessential AMI boxes: the loosely fitted street suit, the cool bomber and…

Ami Men’s RTW Spring 2016

For designer Alexandre Mattiussi, spring was once again an exercise in unpretentious, easy dressing.

AMI Men’s RTW Fall 2015

The almost film-like setting was dark and moody, much like the collection.

Ami Men’s RTW Spring 2015

Alexandre Mattiussi set his youth-fueled spring show in a Parisian high school, sprinkling real-life students…