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Amiri Men’s Spring 2023

"Each year Mike's shows are getting better and better," said Russell Westbrook, who's been showing his own…

Amiri Resort 2023

Mike Amiri found the fun in his third women's collection.

Amiri Men’s Fall 2022

Amiri brought an artful sophistication to Left Coast slouch wear with help from artist Wes Lang.

Amiri Women’s RTW Fall 2022

Mike Amiri is defining his take on "borrowed from the boys" with reimagined denim and tailoring that…

Amiri Men’s Spring 2022

The designer showcased a variety of intricately created casual looks with an easy, romantic sensibility.

Amiri RTW Spring 2022

L.A. designer Mike Amiri has relaunched his women's collection for spring 2022, starting with a clean, casual…

Amiri Men’s Fall 2021

The Los Angeles-based designer offered a collection that blended streetwear and luxury elements.

Amiri Men’s RTW Spring 2021

The collection is inspired by designer Mike Amiri's Los Angeles roots and features a blend of tailored and…

Amiri Men’s Fall 2020

Mike Amiri strode confidently into the late Seventies with a collection for the vintage-loving jet-setter.

Amiri Men’s Spring 2020

Mike Amiri's mellow, pastel-hued lineup was a major step away from the grungier ethos of collections past.

Amiri Men’s Fall 2019

Mike Amiri hit the great outdoors for fall.

Amiri Men’s Spring 2019

Mike Amiri celebrated the different tribes of his hometown, Los Angeles, with a colorful, eclectic runway…

Amiri Men’s Fall 2018

Inspired by watching "The Lost Boys" when he was a kid, Mike Amiri channeled a glammed-up vampire, complete…

Amiri Men’s Spring 2018

Mike Amiri seems to have hit the right buttons to get the whole world California dreamin'.