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Andrew Gn RTW Fall 2022

The designer's opulent collection reflected on his journey from Singapore to Paris.

Andrew Gn RTW Spring 2022

The designer's spring collection was inspired by Elizabeth Taylor in the camp classic "Boom!" — and a touch…

Andrew Gn RTW Fall 2021

Andrew Gn doubled down on opulence with his fall collection, which was the antithesis of sweatpants.

Andrew Gn RTW Spring 2021

His spring collection featured more day pieces, and less embellishment and embroidery. "This is not the time…

Andrew Gn RTW Fall 2020

The designer wove a tale of uncomplicated but richly decorated dressing, inspired by myths and fairy tales.

Andrew Gn RTW Spring 2020

The designer imagined the secret life of influential courtier Madame de Pompadou in a wildly eclectic…

Andrew Gn Resort 2020

Andrew Gn incorporated a stock of vintage lace from the Sixties into his decorative collection.

Andrew Gn RTW Fall 2019

An exotic animal theme ran through this impeccably crafted collection destined to serve as an antidote to…

Andrew Gn RTW Spring 2019

The designer brought his magpie approach to the collection, with influences including Veruschka, the…

Andrew Gn Resort 2019

Andrew Gn wants to bring back black and white in an Internet age obsessed with color.

Andrew Gn RTW Fall 2018

Everything was united under Gn's vision of updated ladylike polish, some Sixties, some Eighties.

Andrew Gn Pre-Fall 2018

The designer conjured a modern-day Jackie Onassis with outfits that blended Asian references with a sense of…

Andrew Gn RTW Spring 2018

Blending the extreme street fashion of Tokyo's Harajuku district, and the traditional fashions of Kyoto…

Andrew Gn Fall 2017

Andrew Gn's fall collection was a celebration of the confluence of cultures, combining sartorial polish with…

Andrew Gn RTW Spring 2017

Channeling an 18th-century punk spirit, Andrew Gn dressed his ladies in denim for the first time.