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Angus Chiang RTW Fall 2021

Angus Chiang's livestreamed runway presentation may have been lost in translation.

Angus Chiang Men’s Fall 2020

The Taiwanese designer presented a colorful collection reflecting on digitalisation and modern technology.

Angus Chiang RTW Spring 2020

On a soundtrack emulating live radio, the Taiwanese designer paid tribute to the humble CD-ROM, twisting it…

Angus Chiang Fall 2019

The collection, featuring men's and women's looks, was an eye-popping affair with creative knits taking the…

Angus Chiang Men’s Spring 2019

Angus Chiang referenced the street art of Taipei in an array of intentionally clashing coed silhouettes.

Angus Chiang Men’s Fall 2018

The designer put pedal to the metal in a collection inspired by Taiwan's favored vehicle.

Angus Chiang Men’s Spring 2018

For his first show in Paris, the Taiwanese LVMH finalist offered a cycling tour of Taiwan.