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Ann Demeulemeester Men’s RTW Fall 2013

The designer's familiar romantic cavaliers wore slim coats with pleated vents at the back, and signature…

Ann Demeulemeester RTW Spring 2013

The designer was in thrall of flou for her spring show, a torpid parade of trailing chiffon sleeves and…

Ann Demeulemeester Men’s RTW Spring 2013

The season's major themes—rich color, super-light tailoring and long summer coats - looked thoroughly at home…

Ann Demeulemeester RTW Fall 2012

The collection essentially boiled down to two themes — powerful outerwear and darkly elegant dresses.

Ann Demeulemeester Men’s RTW Fall 2012

A thumping Iggy Pop soundtrack accompanied Demeulemeester’s usual suspects — romantic rockers looking as…

Ann Demeulemeester RTW Spring 2012

Her spring show was a masterful blend of poetic influences: the North African desert, the military, the…

Ann Demeulemeester Men’s RTW Spring 2012

The designer’s romantic, Rimbaud-like hero traveled to the Orient for his spring wardrobe.

Ann Demeulemeester RTW Fall 2011

Whatever her inspiration, the outcome was the same: tough-chic made darkly elegant and lyrical.

Ann Demeulemeester Men’s RTW Fall 2011

A standing ovation from Patti Smith put a stamp of approval on a gently deconstructed, romantic collection.

Ann Demeulemeester RTW Spring 2011

The designer thrust her signature look in a tougher, more futuristic direction — on the whole, a successful…

Ann Demeulemeester Men’s RTW Spring 2011

At Demeulemeester, there was a lineup of edgy, layered looks, including military jackets and asymmetrical…

Ann Demeulemeester RTW Fall 2010

A soigné, after-dark mood permeated Ann Demeulemeester’s fall collection, and it was seductive.

Ann Demeulemeester Men’s RTW Fall 2010

A brooding sense of melancholy marked Demeulemeester's collection, but lifted when boas and trims burst with…

Ann Demeulemeester RTW Spring 2010

So well ingrained in Ann Demeulemeester's repertoire is the dark, romantic rock-chick aesthetic she loves.

Ann Demeulemeester Men’s RTW Spring 2010

Demeulemeester delivered a cosmopolitan collection.