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Anrealage RTW Fall 2021

Kunihiko Morinaga went topsy-turvy with his fall collection, complete with an upside-down runway.

Anrealage RTW Spring 2021

Kunihiko Morinaga took observers on a socially distant camping getaway.

Anrealage RTW Fall 2020

If you want to wear a trenchcoat, tweed, puffer skirt and pink fake fur all at once, look no further than…

Anrealage RTW Spring 2020

Kunihiko Morinaga offered up a clever play on dimensional dressing in the Instagram era.

Anrealage RTW Fall 2019

Kunihiko Morinaga's graceful yet quirky collection was all about magnifying clothing design details to…

Anrealage RTW Spring 2019

Kunihiko Morinaga played tricks with the mind in this color-changing collection.

Anrealage RTW Fall 2018

In a collection themed around prisms, Kunihiko Morinaga presented the perfect clash of techno and craft.

Anrealage RTW Spring 2018

Where others just talk about fashion tech, Kunihiko Morinaga literally walks the walk.

Anrealage RTW Fall 2017

No less experimental than his previous high-tech offerings, Kunihiko Morinaga's subject matter was more about…

Anrealage RTW Spring 2017

Kunihiko Morinaga used augmented reality technology to quite literally give voice to his monochrome designs.

Anrealage RTW Fall 2016

Kunihiko Morinaga teamed up with computer programmer Toru Urakawa to create fabric patterns mimicking the…

Anrealage RTW Spring 2016

Using photosensitive materials, Anrealage opted for a personalized high-tech experience that could only be…

Anrealage RTW Fall 2015

Kunihiko Morinaga continued to play with optical illusions for fall, sending out looks that changed their…

Anrealage RTW Spring 2015

Anrealage designer Kunihiko Morinaga staged a nifty fashion performance involving photosensitive fabrics.

Anrealage RTW Spring 2014

Kunihiko Morinaga likes to explore a singular concept and this season his theme was size.