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Anrealage RTW Spring 2014

Kunihiko Morinaga likes to explore a singular concept and this season his theme was size.

Anrealage RTW Fall 2013

Kunihiko Morinaga is known for his innovative collections based around a singular concept.

Anrealage RTW Spring 2013

Designer Kunihiko Morinaga opened his show by sending out his girls in glow-in-the-dark cage-like dresses…

Anrealage RTW Fall 2012

Kunihiko Morinaga showed a strong offering of artistically wearable pieces designed around a singular…

Anrealage RTW Spring 2012

Designer Kunihiko Morinaga has a penchant for playing with form and shape in his runway shows and he did…

Anrealage RTW Spring 2011

The clothes were an eclectic mixture of blousy shorts, colorful knits and some distinctive dresses.