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Anteprima RTW Spring 2021

Izumi Ogino penned a letter to women encouraging them to enjoy the "beauty of living."

Anteprima RTW Fall 2020

Knit skirts and tops were so roomy they could easily have fit a few people underneath them.

Anteprima RTW Spring 2020

The heat of Havana hung over this elegant collection, which rustled with raffia fringe, and long, breezy…

Anteprima RTW Fall 2019

Creative director Izumi Ogino channeled soft power into this commercial daywear collection, with its corset…

Anteprima RTW Spring 2019

Plastic accents and sporty influences contributed to the collection's young and fun attitude.

Anteprima RTW Fall 2018

Bigger was better for Izumi Ogino, whose collection was an ode to the oversize and to generous silhouettes.

Anteprima RTW Spring 2018

Looks were playful, as in a two-tone dress with an elasticized waist that slanted downward.

Anteprima RTW Fall 2017

Izumi Ogino used asymmetric cuts, drapes and pleats to inject movement in her fall collection.

Anteprima RTW Spring 2017

Izumi Ogino channeled the rebellious spirit of Fifties-era London Teddy Girls.

Anteprima RTW Fall 2016

Izumi Ogino's minimalist clothes for Anteprima don't make for an exciting runway spectacle.

Anteprima RTW Spring 2016

Izumi Ogino's collection for Anteprima channeled effortless elegance, with some looks referencing tennis…

Anteprima RTW Fall 2015

Creative director Izumi Ogino showed a collection infused with an elegance that was a tad severe, although…