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Antonio Marras RTW Spring 2022

The designer filmed his emotional, powerful digital runway show in a Sardinian area that this past summer was…

Antonio Marras Resort 2022

Antonio Marras celebrated his hometown, Alghero, Italy, with a lovely collection, which featured a new strong…

Antonio Marras RTW Fall 2021

Sardinia, faith, passion and craftsmanship stole the spotlight in the designer's beautiful, poetic…

Antonio Marras Pre-Fall 2021

The designer depicted a countryside romance for his poetic collection, combing domestic and outdoor…

Antonio Marras RTW Spring 2021

Antonio Marras built his spring collection as an archipelago of different islands, kept together by a single…

Antonio Marras RTW Fall 2020

Punks, New Romantics, fairies who sew. What's not to love?

Antonio Marras Pre-Fall 2020

Inspired by Pablo Picasso's lover and muse Dora Maar, Antonio Marras delivered a beautiful collection playing…

Antonio Marras RTW Spring 2020

The designer's collection told the story of Shiro and Baingio, with the result proving romantic yet…

Antonio Marras Resort 2020

Inspired by artist William H. Johnson, Antonio Marras took an imaginative trip to Harlem for resort.

Antonio Marras RTW Fall 2019

The designer imagined the exploits of the young Modigliani in Sardinia for an exquisite collection.

Antonio Marras Pre-Fall 2019

The designer delivered a very focused collection injected with his signature arty creativity and artisanal…

Antonio Marras RTW Spring 2019

His spring collection was a testament to the brand's commercial aptitude.

Antonio Marras Resort 2019

Antonio Marras reworked a maritime inspiration for his pretty collection.

Antonio Marras RTW Fall 2018

Marras does not suffer any sort of creative block — his show clocked in at 92 looks.

Antonio Marras Pre-Fall 2018

Partisan and intellectual Joyce Salvadori Lussu inspired the British references, which the Sardinian designer…