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A.P.C. RTW Spring 2020

The brand announced upcoming collaborations with JJJJound, Carhartt WIP and René Tadeo Holguin.

A.P.C. RTW Fall 2019

The coed lineup included pieces from Brain Dead and Suzanne Koller.

A.P.C. RTW Spring 2019

Jean and Judith Touitou went for color and a youthful rockabilly look, which they showed in a garage.

APC RTW Fall 2018

Jean and Judith Touitou sent out a lineup of the brand's mainstay: smart and flattering.

A.P.C. RTW Spring 2018

A.P.C. showed what it could do with denim for spring, juxtaposing stiff indigos with floral prints for a play…

APC Men’s Spring 2018

Jean Touitou chose to stage a mini runway presentation with the brand's retail staff as models in the label's…

APC RTW Fall 2017

Jean Touitou presented the women's wear chapter of APC's understated 30th anniversary.

APC Men’s Fall 2017

Jean Touitou celebrated his self-described "sometimes boring" brand's 30th anniversary with a nostalgic…

A.P.C. RTW Spring 2017

A.P.C. presented its Sixties-inspired designs in a Pigalle cabaret where models danced to tunes spun by…

A.P.C. Men’s Spring 2017

APC founder Jean Touitou offered a charming proposition of relaxed shapes and washed-out colors.

APC RTW Fall 2016

The French brand debuted at New York Fashion Week with a clean collection infused with Seventies references.

APC Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Jean Touitou translated his interpretation of Britishness into a vision for his fall 2016 men's collection.

A.P.C. RTW Spring 2016

Jean Touitou mixed androgynous aesthetics with interesting cuts to evoke sexual ambivalence in his spring…

APC Men’s RTW Spring 2016

A rocker influence was apparent in the collection this season.

A.P.C. RTW Fall 2015

Jean Touitou presented a collection dominated by minimal geek-chic basics in a palette spanning the many…