Artica Arbox

Artica Arbox Men's Spring Summer 2020

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Artica Arbox Men’s Spring 2020

Irene Roth contrasted the physical and digital worlds in her second men’s collection for the growing streetwear brand.

clock June 23, 2019Alex Wynne

Runway at Artica Arbox Fall 2019, photographed in Paris on February 27, 2019.

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Artica Arbox RTW Fall 2019

For its second collection, L.A.-based brand Artica Arbox added a men’s line and launched its first shoe style.

clock February 27, 2019Fleur Burlet

Artica-Arbox RTW Spring 2019

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Artica Arbox RTW Spring 2019

There was a futuristic flavor to the unisex collection, with its total look athletic silhouettes in ultra-bright tones of fuchsia, yellow and blue.

clock September 30, 2018Katya Foreman



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