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Aspesi RTW Spring 2023

Lawrence Steele continued his exploration of understated dressing with a contemporary flair.

Aspesi Men’s Spring 2023

Functionality is the North Star guiding Lawrence Steele's creative journey, which continues down the road of…

Aspesi RTW Fall 2022

Good-looking basics and a smart, non-gendered sizing strategy defined the collection.

Aspesi Men’s Fall 2022

Creative director Lawrence Steele further developed his wardrobe-building lexicon for the brand.

Aspesi RTW Spring 2022

Lawrence Steele's first coed collection for the brand managed to elevate its very Milanese spirit and convey…

Aspesi RTW Fall 2020

Inspired the look of French yé-yé girls, the collection offered much more than polished and functional…

Aspesi RTW Spring 2020

The brand combined utility and sartorial references into a collection, deigned with urban explores in mind.

Aspesi Men’s Spring 2020

The brand updated its timeless, urban chic offering with tie-dye, reflective fabrics and arty camouflage.

Aspesi RTW Fall 2019

The brand refreshed its offering with more modern silhouettes and bold neon colors.

Aspesi Men’s Fall 2019

From colorful outdoor to urban elegance, the collection offered plenty of options for effortless, chic men.

Aspesi RTW Spring 2019

Aspesi updated its easy-chic offering with more feminine and elegant designs.

Aspesi Men’s Spring 2019

Bright and sorbet colors, high-tech details and more relaxed silhouettes defined this effortless, chic…

Aspesi RTW Fall 2018

The brand is enlarging its product offering to deliver total look collections rooted in a discreet, sober…

Aspesi RTW Spring 2018

The brand's creative team delivered a highly wearable collection infused with discreet, easy elegance.