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Atelier Gustavo Lins Couture Spring 2015

The designer worked undulating shapes for fall: big-collared leather vests and long, flowing dresses.

Atelier Gustavo Lins Fall Couture 2013

The overall feel was calm and reserved, as the designer continued on his quest to create “everyday” couture…

Atelier Gustavo Lins Spring Couture 2013

The designer presented a collection of impeccably tailored pieces with great attention to detail.

Atelier Gustavo Lins Men’s RTW Fall 2013

The designer continued to indulge his fascination with Japanese sartorial codes.

Atelier Gustavo Lins Spring Couture 2012

Looking to Seville’s flamenco tradition, with a range of intense colors, the designer explored his sensual…

Atelier Gustavo Lins Fall Couture 2011

For his new collection, the Brazilian designer worked with fabric offcuts, but these were not just any…

Atelier Gustavo Lins Spring Couture 2011

From cocoonlike reversible jackets to a masculine riding coat, the Brazilian designer’s collection reflected…

Atelier Gustavo Lins Fall Couture 2010

Gustavo Lins riffed on Arne Jacobsen’s iconic Series 7 chair, incorporating its curvy contours into the…

Atelier Gustavo Lins Couture Spring 2010

Brazilian designer Gustavo Lins moved into new territory — his native one — by reworking the famous Brazil…