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Atlein RTW Spring 2023

Antonin Tron delivered a plan to recover from the pandemic, starting with straightforwardly sexy and…

Atlein RTW Fall 2022

The designer wanted to home in on the clothing and work of the atelier in this unfussy yet elegant lineup

Atlein RTW Spring 2022

Antonin Tron sought to inject a sense of chaos to his designs, echoing crystal formations in myriad shades.

Atlein Resort 2022

Antonin Tron continued to home in on his brand's origins and message.

Atlein RTW Fall 2021

Antonin Tron homed in on the label's origins, working jersey into sensual designs through careful draping…

Atlein RTW Fall 2020

Antonin Tron explored the idea of transition in a smart wardrobe with transformable elements, reflecting on…

Atlein RTW Spring 2020

Antonin Tron's summer wardrobe of sharp cool-girl looks was inspired by the women around him, with…

Atlein RTW Fall 2019

Operating outside of fashion and trends, Antonin Tron is a designer who likes to remain consistent, with his…

Atlein RTW Spring 2019

Antonin Tron's spring lineup was a blissful breeze of clothes that were not overthought, overdone or overly…

Atlein RTW Fall 2018

Antonin Tron's fall collection drew its sustenance from the rough, cold waves he likes to surf in his spare…

Atlein RTW Spring 2018

Antonin Tron's tailoring skills came in handy for spring, adding a military element to his bodycon signature…

Atlein RTW Fall 2017

Antonin Tron branched out from his signature jersey outfits for his debut runway show.

Atlein RTW Spring 2017

Atonin Tron dug into compact jerseys to create more defined silhouettes for his sophomore collection.