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Auralee Spring 2023

Designer Ryota Iwai returned to Paris with lightweight layers of wool, mohair and cashmere

Auralee Men’s Fall 2022

Japanese designer Ryota Iwai brought bright colors and a new exuberance to his first physical collection in…

Auralee RTW Spring 2022

Ryota Iwai infused his collection of sophisticated staples with new energy and bright colors to reconnect…

Auralee RTW Fall 2021

Ryota Iwai expressed a desire for healing and rest in his coed lineup of quiet staples.

Auralee RTW Spring 2021

Ryota Iwai had travel in mind when crafting this coed collection.

Auralee RTW Fall 2020

Ryota Iwai presented a coed display of staples for the season.