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Bally RTW Spring 2022

Bally presented a collection that had a utilitarian feel, inspired by the smocks worn by artists or workwear…

Bally RTW Spring 2021

For spring, Bally developed a cohesive collection hinging on its expertise in treating leather.

Bally RTW Fall 2020

Bally's CEO Nicolas Girotto spoke of a coed collection that emphasized "purity of form, clean lines and…

Bally RTW Spring 2020

Bally's collection was inspired by the natural world.

Bally RTW Fall 2019

"We own the mountains, and wanted to go back to our roots and show the uniqueness of Switzerland and the…

Bally RTW Spring 2019

Looks presented at Bally's Milan showroom were inspired by vintage stores and flea market finds.

Bally RTW Fall 2018

Bally is swiveling the spotlight onto its outdoorsy, sporty heritage — to great effect.

Bally RTW Spring 2018

The accessories — sporty and sassy — will power Bally forward.           

Bally Men’s Spring 2018

The New York music and artistic scene in the late Seventies and early Eighties inspired this cool, young…

Bally RTW Fall 2017

Bally's fall lineup, designed by an in-house team, riffed on some of its best-selling shoes and accessories…

Bally RTW Spring 2017

Pablo Coppola worked a rainbow of warm Carribbean brights into this collection, full of tailored clothing…

Bally Men’s Spring 2017

Brighter-than-bright, this collection came in a rainbow of citrus brights inspired by David Hicks interiors…

Bally Resort 2017

The collection pulsed with zesty colors and a joie de vivre inspired by the geometric patterns and searing…

Bally RTW Fall 2016

John Waters alert. Pablo Coppola made bad taste look good in his fall Bally collection.

Bally Women’s Pre-Fall 2016

Design director Pablo Coppola looked to Sixties screen beauties Julie Christie and Catherine Deneuve for this…