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Basso & Brooke RTW Fall 2012

There was an artsy, intellectual feel to the collection, inspired by Henri Matisse’s paper collages.

Basso & Brooke RTW Spring 2012

Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke gave their signature digital prints a Constructivist spin in this highly…

Basso & Brooke RTW Fall 2011

The beauty of this collection, unlike past ones, was that none of the silhouettes outshone the prints.

Basso & Brooke RTW Spring 2011

Flared minidresses nipped at the waist and high-waist, origami-pleat harem pants gave this collection a…

Basso & Brooke RTW Fall 2010

A recent trip to Uzbekistan and its Silk Routes fueled the imaginations of Bruno Basso and Christopher…

Basso & Brooke RTW Spring 2010

Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke don't design for wallflowers, as their riotous and confident collection…

Basso & Brooke RTW Fall 2009

Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke splashed their signature prints over slinky silk jersey dresses.

Basso & Brooke RTW Spring 2009

Japan’s mix of tradition and technology inspired Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke for spring.