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Batsheva RTW Fall 2022

The Batsheva fall collection offered plenty of newness with era-spanning references.

Batsheva RTW Spring 2022

Set at Serendipity3, Batsheva Hay delivered signature naive femininity with a bit of unexpected, exciting…

Batsheva RTW Fall 2021

Hay continues to rethink the idea of what is feminine dress.

Batsheva RTW Spring 2020

Batsheva Hay showed her unique line's modest offerings as a panel discussed the collection's cultural…

Batsheva RTW Fall 2019

Inspired by Salvation Army finds, Batsheva Hay reworked memories from her childhood and teenage years in her…

Batsheva RTW Spring 2019

There's something strangely compelling about a look that should have no place in modern society.