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Bed J.W. Ford Men’s Fall 2022

A modern rock 'n' roll collection ran the gamut from softly tailored suits to tie-dye printed faux fur coats.

Bed J.W. Ford Men’s Spring 2022

Rich textiles and country and romantic influences came together to create looks that married retro with…

Bed J.W. Ford Men’s Spring 2020

The designer explored the concept of a strong man through a gentle, feminine lens.

Bed J.W. Ford Men’s Fall 2019

Featuring an Adidas capsule, Shinpei Yamagishi's Milan debut, with its hybrids and unique color plays…

Bed J.W. Ford RTW Fall 2017

The designer created a softer, more feminine version of men's tailoring in mostly muted, solid colors.

Bed J.W. Ford Men’s Spring 2017

Shinpei Yamagishi focused on "dress jackets," reimagining the suit jacket in a relaxed, elegant way, for his…