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Bespoken Men’s RTW Fall 2015

Inspired by New York City and London commuters, Bespoken successfully fused English tailoring with a street…

Bespoken Men’s RTW Spring 2015

The label introduced a collection of elevated sportswear inspired by the colors of a swimming pool.

Bespoken Men’s RTW Fall 2014

Downtown New York meets London's East End was the main inspiration for Bespoken's fall line.

Bespoken Men’s RTW Spring 2014

The brand effectively bridged English tailoring with a New York street vibe for its spring collection.

Bespoken Men’s RTW Fall 2013

Liam and Sam Fayed were inspired by a trip to Tokyo, although there were plenty of English influences to be…

Bespoken Men’s RTW Spring 2013

With a dominant monochromatic palette, the lineup for this spring's Bespoken collection consisted of their…

Bespoken Men’s Spring 2012

After building some momentum in recent seasons with its sharp tailoring and youthful elegance, the…

Bespoken Men’s RTW Fall 2011

This season the designers took their tailoring to the sea.

Bespoken Men’s RTW Spring 2011

James, Sam and Liam Fayed presented a young and dandyish collection that was surprisingly casual in styling…

Bespoken Men’s RTW Fall 2010

The British and American founders of upscale men’s wear label Bespoken melded their respective influences to…

Bespoken RTW Spring 2010

Bespoken presented a posh lineup of double-breasted blazers, crisp dress shirts with slim collars and a…