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Bianca Saunders Men’s Fall 2023

Saunders channeled the cheeky humor of Jamaican comedian and actor Oliver Samuels for a show full of soft…

Bianca Saunders Men’s Spring 2023

Bianca Saunders put Pam Boy on her spring 2023 runway, and showed knit and silky dressing sets as…

Bianca Saunders Men’s Fall 2022

British men's wear designer Bianca Saunders, winner of the 2021 ANDAM fashion prize, showed subtle…

Bianca Saunders Men’s Spring 2022

The collection felt clean, focused and demonstrated a good range of offerings, from casual to formal, and…

Bianca Saunders Men’s Fall 2021

Her designs stir a touch of sensitivity and playfulness into traditional men's wardrobe staples.

Bianca Saunders RTW Spring 2021

Saunders introduced print and color to her collection to create interesting contrasts.  

Bianca Saunders RTW Fall 2020

Through careful reconstruction, Saunders breathed new life into men's wear staples.

Bianca Saunders Men’s Spring 2020

A sophisticated evolution from previous seasons

Bianca Saunders Men’s Fall 2019

The designer found innovation in comfort, translating that to knits and more classic pieces.

Bianca Saunders Men’s Spring 2019

Bianca Saunders continued her exploration of black male identity for spring 2019.