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Billionaire Men’s Spring 2023

Philipp Plein's Billionaire pal touched base on the Amalfi Coast for spring.

Billionaire Men’s Fall 2020

The collection was inspired by "The Great Gatsby."

Billionaire Men’s Spring 2020

Thankfully, Plein saw the light — the ray of gold — and decided to show in presentation format, rather than…

Billionaire Men’s Fall 2019

It was a lot of pain – and fuss – for what turned out to be a perfectly fine and predictable collection of…

Billionaire Men’s Spring 2019

Taking in a fashion show, Bellini in hand. That’s the way it’s done at the Billionaire Hotel. The catering…

Billionaire Men’s Fall 2018

The Billionaire man took to Milan's William's Le Roi underground club for a night of peacocking to the sounds…

Billionaire Men’s Spring 2018

Not for Billionaire, the drop-in presentation or standard runway event, but an ear-blasting live performance…

Billionaire Men’s Fall 2017

The cowboy-chic collection was based on the popular Eighties TV series, "Dallas."

Billionaire Men’s Spring 2017

The emperor had no clothes at the first Billionaire outing under new owner Philipp Plein.