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Bode RTW Fall 2023

Emily Adams Bode Aujla marked her return to Paris Fashion Week with the launch of her womenswear collection.

Bode Men’s Fall 2021

The designer continued to pay homage to antique textiles and materials in her latest collection.

Bode Men’s Fall 2020

Emily Adams Bode paid tribute to her friend Benjamin Bloomstein, cofounder of furniture firm Green River…

Bode Men’s Spring 2020

Emily Adams Bode drew from her family's history as wagonmakers for the circus in her runway debut in Paris.

Bode Men’s Fall 2019

The collection leaned in on notions of ephemera and nostalgia.

Bode Men’s Spring 2019

Emily Bode referenced Aaron Aujla's Indian heritage for this collection.

Bode Men’s Fall 2018

Emily Adams Bode’s presentations always have a cinematic effect. She lets attendees in on a world that’s…

Bode Men’s Spring 2018

The designer was inspired by her uncle's attic.

Bode Men’s Fall 2017

New York-based designer Emily Bode created a home in Cape Cod as a backdrop for her fall collection.