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Boramy Viguier Men’s Spring 2022

Models in suits ran in slow motion, showing the tailoring in motion.

Boramy Viguier Men’s Fall 2021

Steeped in monastic references, the compelling lineup further broadened the outerwear specialist's range.

Boramy Viguier RTW Spring 2021

The designer dreamed up a collection for an urban priestess.

Boramy Viguier Men’s Spring 2021

Boramy Viguier's off-kilter world defied interpretation, but then that was the point.

Boramy Viguier Men’s Fall 2020

Boramy Viguier put his esoteric stamp on the city-slicker look for fall.

Boramy Viguier Men’s Spring 2020

Boramy Viguier sought to elevate fashion to a spiritual plane with his tarot-inspired collection.

Boramy Viguier Men’s Fall 2019

The collection was more straight-to-the-point and streamlined, even if the idea is to layer up looks.

Boramy Viguier Men’s Spring 2019

Boramy Viguier continued to develop nicely with this concise outerwear-focused streetwear collection.