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Bouchra Jarrar Couture Fall 2020

Jarrar dubbed this collection Edition 2.

Bouchra Jarrar Couture Spring 2020

In her return to couture after a four-year pause, Jarrar flexed her tailoring prowess.

Bouchra Jarrar Spring 2016 Couture

In one of her strongest showings yet, the designer created a mouthwatering blend of military strictness and…

Bouchra Jarrar RTW Spring 2016

Bouchra Jarrar continued her specific vision — a fusion of masculine and feminine elements — while exploring…

Bouchra Jarrar Couture Fall 2015

Bouchra Jarrar's understated couture took a turn toward the boudoir for fall with bra tops, filmy skirts and…

Bouchra Jarrar RTW Fall 2015

Jarrar's is a wardrobe-building approach that typically starts with a great-looking jacket or coat.

Bouchra Jarrar Couture Spring 2015

The designer showed painstakingly tailored and labor-intensive clothes skewed towards day.

Bouchra Jarrar RTW Spring 2015

“It’s a ready-to-wear collection full of energy,” said Jarrar of her spring lineup.

Bouchra Jarrar Couture Fall 2014

Proud to be showing her 10th couture collection as an independent designer, she continues to strengthen her…

Bouchra Jarrar RTW Fall 2014

Fall was a deft translation of the fundamentals of the designer's loftier line, done with elevated…

Bouchra Jarrar Couture Spring 2014

Coming only a month after she was awarded the official haute couture appellation, her spring show was a…

Bouchra Jarrar RTW Spring 2014

For spring, Jarrar masterfully distilled the handmade woven fabrics, soft silk scarf dresses and zipper…

Bouchra Jarrar Fall Couture 2013

The designer is so committed to and intrigued by the viability of “accessible couture” that for fall, she…

Bouchra Jarrar RTW Fall 2013

The collection stayed well within the designer's comfort zone and was designed to make a woman feel at ease.

Bouchra Jarrar Spring Couture 2013

The daywear-driven collection crackled with modernity and Parisian chic — energized further with a dash of…