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Brioni Men’s Fall 2023

The brand's design director Norbert Stumpfl abides by the belief that Brioni should be about understated and…

Brioni Men’s Fall 2022

Lightness was top of mind for design director Norbert Stumpfl in creating the fall collection, as he…

Brioni Men’s Spring 2022

Design Director Norbert Stumpfl presented a sophisticated and carefully crafted collection for Brioni…

Brioni Men’s Fall 2021

Norbert Stumpfl turned complexity into understated elegance in this collection filled with relaxed…

Brioni Men’s Spring 2021

All roads led to Rome as design director Norbert Stumpfl looked at the label's roots for this collection…

Brioni Men’s Fall 2020

The lineup was injected with ease and indulged with softer colors and relaxed elegance.

Brioni Men’s Spring 2020

Lightness is the new luxury for Brioni, which showcased a range of exquisite featherweight fabrications in a…

Brioni Men’s Fall 2019

Despite the richness, everything was easy and light, with a lot of the surprises on the inside.

Brioni Men’s Spring 2019

The collection included an enlarged evening section.

Brioni Men’s Fall 2018

Working within the classic tailoring framework of the house, the focus was on tweaking fits and elevating…

Brioni Couture Fall 2016

The capsule collection had a bit of a pimp vibe going on with the prints, velvets and a Seventies palette.

Brioni Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Brendan Mullane conjured a dreamy Alpine mood for this collection, hoping to show how Brioni's city dweller…

Brioni Men’s RTW Spring 2016

It's clear that creative director Brendan Mullane is spreading his creative wings.

Brioni Men’s RTW Fall 2015

There’s nothing like a big anniversary year to tease out a bit of self-reflection — and nostalgia.

Brioni Men’s RTW Spring 2015

Creative director Brendan Mullane sent out a color-drenched collection that blended Fifties Hollywood style…