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Brognano RTW Fall 2020

Combining different vibes, Nicola Brognano unveiled a collection veering toward a more quotidian, urban look.

Brognano Pre-Fall 2020

Nicola Brognano is evolving his style to build an everyday wardrobe with a twist.

Brognano RTW Spring 2020

Holiday living with a nod to Hollywood starlets inspired "Who Is On Next?" 2016 prize winner Nicola Brognano…

Brognano Resort 2020

Wim Wenders' "Paris, Texas" movie served as inspiration for Nicola Brognano's cute and fun collection.

Brognano RTW Fall 2019

Nicola Brognano imagined a modern-day Marie Antoinette, who escapes Versailles in elevated sportswear looks…

Brognano Pre-Fall 2019

Tulle mixed with denim and delicate, feminine bows were the key elements of this young and fun collection.

Brognano RTW Spring 2019

Emerging talent Nicola Brognano, who used to work with Giambattista Valli on ready-to-wear and…

Brognano RTW Spring 2018

Couture-inspired silhouettes were mixed with street influences and mannish references in this playful…