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Cacharel RTW Fall 2018

The label seeks to appeal to a younger crowd.

Cacharel RTW Spring 2018

Cacharel offered tweaked florals and simple shapes for spring.

Cacharel RTW Fall 2017

Cacharel continues to refocus its creative direction to tap a younger audience.

Cacharel RTW Spring 2017

Cacharel's second collection under its new design studio went in a very different direction in a bid to…

Cacharel RTW Fall 2016

The collection felt like a bridge line of yore, with shawl-collared coats, elongated cardigans and A-line…

Cacharel Pre-Fall 2014

The design team focused on a youthful, trendy look — a chic schoolgirl served as inspiration — while sticking…

Cacharel RTW Spring 2013

The dreaminess and lovely hues of the aquatic world guided Ling Liu and Dawei Sun.

Cacharel RTW Fall 2012

Ling Liu and Dawei Sun referenced Twenties aviator Amelia Earhart and the Bauhaus design movement in their…

Cacharel RTW Spring 2012

If Ling Liu and Dawei Sun’s debut collection was any indication of the house’s ideal direction, sweet and…

Cacharel RTW Fall 2011

Fall looks just creamy for Cacharel.

Cacharel Pre-Fall 2011

Cédric Charlier continued to build on solid wardrobe staples with a cool twist.

Cacharel RTW Spring 2011

Rompers, shirts and short dresses in sweet bubblegum colors and papery fabrics gave Cédric Charlier’s third…

Cacharel Cruise 2011

Creative director Cédric Charlier adds punchy, acidic colors to blurred photo prints for a young and vivid…

Cacharel RTW Fall 2010

Cédric Charlier gave Cacharel’s famed prints a makeover with abstract floral-inspired patterns and trompe…

Cacharel RTW Spring 2010

In his debut collection, Cédric Charlier unveiled a sporty, modernist and, above all, wearable look.