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Calcaterra RTW Spring 2023

Inspired by the wind, Daniele Calcaterra blew up the volumes of sartorial staples and cut the silhouettes of…

Calcaterra RTW Fall 2022

Inspired by solar eclipses, Daniele Calcaterra offered a play between shadow and light in his polished fall…

Calcaterra RTW Spring 2021

Daniele Calcaterra translated his inner state of peace into a charming, ethereal collection restating the…

Calcaterra RTW Fall 2020

Daniele Calcaterra refreshed his elegant aesthetic with a fresh, urban and practical vibe.

Calcaterra RTW Spring 2020

Daniele Calcaterra showed a pretty collection infused with intimacy and essentiality.

Calcaterra RTW Fall 2019

Revisited tailoring played a major role in this collection showing an array of different fabrications.

Calcaterra RTW Spring 2019

Daniele Calcaterra worked a garden palette with colors such as sage, burnt orange, buttercup and peach, into…

Calcaterra RTW Fall 2018

Daniele Calcaterra played with tailoring proportions, alternating between tidy cropped jackets and outerwear…

Calcaterra RTW Spring 2018

Inspired by Isadora Duncan, Daniele Calcaterra created movement with parachute fabrics and generous volumes.

Calcaterra RTW Fall 2017

Daniele Calcaterra's fall collection took its cues from the sculptures of Richard Serra.