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Canali Men’s Fall 2022

Canali's expertise and storied tradition in men's wear was reflected in its fall collection.

Canali Men’s Spring 2022

Inspired by the colors and lights of Los Angeles in the '90s, the collection was filled with relaxed…

Canali Men’s Fall 2021

Canali has succeeded in evolving the collection while maintaining its luxurious quality and craftsmanship…

Canali Men’s Spring 2021

The Canali 1934, Black Edition and Exclusive lines can also be mixed and matched, proof of the brand's…

Canali Men’s Fall 2020

The luxurious collection was aimed at catering to different men's needs.

Canali Men’s Spring 2020

Canali unveiled its spring offering, including revisited tailoring and urban sportswear, in a charming…

Canali Men’s Fall 2019

Canali returned to Florence with an event presenting a luxurious collection, which offered a relaxed, cozy…

Canali Men’s Spring 2019

For his first collection at Canali, Hyun Wook Lee evolved the storied sartorial tradition of the brand with…

Canali Men’s Fall 2018

Canali's design team was inspired by the lights at dawn in the city.

Canali Men’s Spring 2018

Canali introduced a natural fabric resistant to creases for a spring collection centered around the theme of…

Canali Men’s Fall 2017

The company accented its founding values and roots.

Canali RTW Men’s Spring 2017

Following the exit of Andrea Pompilio, the Canali design team presented a charmingly subdued collection…

Canali Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Lightness was Andrea Pompilio's leitmotif for fall.

Canali Men’s RTW Spring 2016

An adventurous feeling ran through the Canali collection, which was also infused with a chic, retro spirit.

Canali Men’s RTW Fall 2015

Long and oversized double-breasted coats looked current as Andrea Pompilio spiced them up with interesting…