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Candela RTW Spring 2014

Gabriella Perezutti infused streetwear and more casual elements into her hyperfeminine, romantic lineup.

Candela RTW Fall 2013

This season, the designer added rustic elements to her accessories.

Candela RTW Spring 2013

Gabi Perezutti’s collection was a little bit western, a little bit bohemian and had a touch of romance.

Candela RTW Fall 2012

Designer Gabriela Perezutti looked to old family photos and the California Gold Rush of the mid-1800s for her…

Candela RTW Spring 2012

Gabriela Perezutti continued to draw from her Uruguayan ranching roots for her collection of casual pieces…

Candela RTW Spring 2011

The collection was full of feminine yet modern sportswear that referenced Native American and Victorian…