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Capucci RTW Spring 2020

Luisa Orsini and Antonine Peduzzi played with optical effects and archival fabrics in their second season for…

Capucci RTW Fall 2019

Luisa Orsini and Antonine Peduzzi, creative directors of the buzzy handbag label TL-180, have been tasked…

Capucci RTW Spring 2019

The house has split with creative director Mario Dice and is focusing on daywear as it seeks to expand in…

Capucci RTW Fall 2018

Creative director Mario Dice beefed up the heritage label's daywear as it seeks to expand into Asia.

Capucci RTW Spring 2018

Mario Dice hit his stride with a disco-inspired collection presented on dancing models.

Capucci RTW Fall 2017

Mario Dice didn't stray far from the house's archives with his Pop Art-inspired collection.

Capucci RTW Spring 2017

Mario Dice combined archival details like 3-D pleating with a modern approach to daywear in his debut…

Capucci RTW Fall 2016

The fall collection homed in on founder Roberto Capucci's signature pleating effects.

Capucci RTW Spring 2016

A Matisse painting and a trio of the label's signature little black dresses inspired the revived house's…

Capucci RTW Fall 2015

Ten years after the house’s last ready-to-wear line was shuttered, the fabled couturier is back with new…