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Cédric Charlier RTW Spring 2020

The designer's cowboy-themed collection was inspired by a road trip through the Great American West.

Cédric Charlier Resort 2020

The Belgian designer blended dusky pinks, ice-cream tones and cute Vichy pieces into a collection infused…

Cédric Charlier RTW Fall 2019

The Belgian designer experimented with feathers on daytime silhouettes: they added a welcome softness to his…

Cédric Charlier Pre-Fall 2019

The designer showcased a great color sensibility and architectural inclinations, underscored by a preppy…

Cédric Charlier RTW Spring 2019

The designer blended Italian historical references with androgynous cool to highly wearable effect.

Cédric Charlier RTW Fall 2018

Cédric Charlier channeled his childhood love of all things equestrian for fall.

Cédric Charlier Men’s Spring 2018

Called "Playtime," the starting point for the coed collection was a sculpture by Todd Knopke.

Cédric Charlier Men’s Fall 2017

Balancing the casual, the classic and the sportif, the knockout collection was built on geometric…

Cédric Charlier Spring 2017

He showed his spring collection in New York City.

Cédric Charlier Women’s RTW Fall 2016

As hackneyed as the sailor theme might be, the designer spied some fresh angles.

Cédric Charlier Pre-Fall 2016

Cédric Charlier's pre-fall collection featured grunge elements and a play between masculine and feminine.

Cédric Charlier RTW Spring 2016

Inspired by British abstract painter Victor Pasmore, Cédric Charlier went back to basics with a lineup of…

Cédric Charlier Resort 2016

Inspired by the Polynesian pareo, Cédric Charlier went tropical for resort — but in chic, subtle ways that…

Cédric Charlier RTW Fall 2015

Color was crucial to Cédric Charlier's fall show.

Cédric Charlier Pre-Fall 2015

The influence of a summer trip to Mexico was evident in the designer's pre-fall lineup.