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Celine Women’s RTW Spring 2023

"A renaissance of Hedi Slimane's 2000 era" defined this confident, appealing collection.

BTS’ Kim Taehyung and Blackpink’s Lisa Cause Chaos at Celine

The K-pop stars — and thousands of fans — turned out for Hedi Slimane's men's week closer.

Celine Men’s Spring 2023

K-pop pandemonium overshadowed Hedi Slimane's finely hewed rock-star collection.

Celine RTW Fall 2022

Hedi Slimane is steadily making Celine a go-to house for terrific jeans — and now cool leather pants…

Celine Men’s Fall 2022

Hedi Slimane's androgynous models sparkled plenty on this catwalk that glittered like a night in Las Vegas.

Celine Women’s Spring 2022

The collection was a calculated mash-up of bourgeois tailoring and varsity casualness — with a soupçon of…

Celine Men’s Spring 2022

Here was a young, energetic and richly embellished collection from Hedi Slimane.

Celine RTW Fall 2021

This confident and approachable collection had a strong French accent, with touches of English countryside.

Celine Men’s Fall 2021

Hedi Slimane struck a fine balance between rugged chic, streetwise cool and classic elegance.

Celine RTW Spring 2021

The collection had an athletic undercurrent, heightened by the stadium setting.

Celine Men’s Spring 2021

This busy, casual and logo-heavy collection seemed aimed squarely at the TikTok generation.

Celine RTW Fall 2020

Hedi Slimane once again looked to the Seventies in an homage to the chic bourgeoisie and the rock dandy.

Celine RTW Spring 2020

Hedi Slimane went full-on retro in his spring collection. His anchor item: a pair of jeans.

Celine Men’s Spring 2020

Hedi Slimane's Seventies-flavored collection featured collaborations with five artists, including New York…

Celine RTW Fall 2019

Hedi Slimane turned the page at Celine — browsing backward to move forward. It worked.