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Chadwick Bell RTW Spring 2015

Contrasts emerged as key elements of Chadwick Bell’s simple yet chic collection.

Chadwick Bell RTW Spring 2014

A cotton twill rope was the central element of this impactful collection.

Chadwick Bell RTW Fall 2013

Chadwick Bell's handsome outerwear bookended a wearable, if less impressive, collection of dresses and…

Chadwick Bell RTW Spring 2013

Austerity and adornment were the themes at the designer’s latest outing.

Chadwick Bell RTW Fall 2012

The collection featured coats burdened with excess detailing and a number of cinched waist looks.

Chadwick Bell RTW Spring 2012

For day, his lady wore silk faille suits with utilitarian elements but the great-looking pieces came for…

Chadwick Bell RTW Fall 2011

Set in an art gallery, the designer presented his collection via photographs and a short film followed by an…

Chadwick Bell RTW Spring 2011

Chadwick Bell continued his tradition of quiet, nicely tailored suits and dresses.

Chadwick Bell RTW Fall 2010

Inspired by Emmet Gowin’s aerial photographs, Chadwick Bell presented his most polished, cohesive collection…

Chadwick Bell RTW Spring 2010

Chadwick Bell showed clean, polished looks inspired by the work of Joan Miró, invoking the artist’s use of…

Chadwick Bell RTW Fall 2009

Bell's lineup was based on “Belle de Jour.” But rather than toss out yet another bondage collection, he…

Chadwick Bell RTW Spring 2009

It was refreshing to be in a small brownstone watching Chadwick Bell’s barely hyped debut collection — and…