Chapter Men's RTW Spring 2017


Chapter Men’s RTW Spring 2017

Designer Devin Carlson was inspired by 1996 with its boxy high-waisted pants and elongated bombers.

clock July 12, 2016Aria Hughes

Chapter Men's RTW Fall 2016

Chapter Men’s Fall 2016 Review

David Carlson put forth a focused effort influenced by the movie “Swingers,” and the neo-swing movement from the Nineties.

clock February 2, 2016Aria Hughes

Chapter Men's RTW Spring 2016

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Chapter Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Devin Carlson moved away from his elongated silhouettes and opted for a shorter proportion for this collection, which played with the idea of mirroring and refraction.

clock July 13, 2015Aria Hughes

Chapter Mens RTW Fall 2015

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Chapter Men’s RTW Fall 2015

Devin Carlson’s Chapter collection was inspired by the sci-fi cyber punk genre of movies with its dark lineup of goth-inspired clothing.

clock February 11, 2015Alex Badia



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