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Chloé Pre-Fall 2011

Hannah MacGibbon’s pre-fall collection focused on comfort, with elements of Seventies charm.

Chloé RTW Spring 2011

The collection reflected a minimalist sensibility, yet was classically feminine.

Chloé Cruise 2011

Hannah MacGibbon is playing sports for Chloé pre-spring, adding scuba, judo and motorcycle elements to a…

Chloé RTW Fall 2010

Classic sportswear and camel colors — they’re the two big trends on the runway this season, and both are well…

Chloé RTW Pre-Fall 2010

Chloe pre-fall was spiked with a swinging Sixties Mod flavor.

Chloé RTW Spring 2010

At the core of Hannah MacGibbon’s spring lineup, her best collection yet, was classic sportswear.

Chloé Cruise 2010

Hannah MacGibbon continues to channel a retro cool vibe with a charming lineup of Forties-flavored sportswear…

Chloé RTW Fall 2009

Hannah MacGibbon desweetened spring’s girlishness with a sportier approach rooted in elements borrowed from…

Chloé RTW Spring 2009

Hannah MacGibbon honed in on Chloé’s signature girlish naïveté in daywear done up with scalloped details…

Chloe Resort 2009

For cruise, new Chloé designer Hannah MacGibbon played with what she called “Seventies and Eighties clichés,&#8221…

Chloé RTW Fall 2008

In his first few outings for Chloé, Paulo Melim Andersson broke ties with the label's charming ingenue…