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Christopher Raeburn Men’s Fall 2019

To mark 10 years in business, Raeburn reworked brand archetypes and introduced new material innovations.

Christopher Raeburn Spring 2019

Raeburn used sustainability as "a creative coat of arms" to deliver a collection that was filled with…

Christopher Raeburn Men’s Fall 2018

Christopher Raeburn's fall outing was built around fabrics fit for the Arctic, secondhand blankets and wool…

Christopher Raeburn Men’s Spring 2018

There was a lightness and transparency to Christopher Raeburn's signature practical silhouettes.

Christopher Raeburn Men’s Fall 2017

Taking his cues from artist Ellsworth Kelly, Raeburn turned out camouflage gear with an abstract slant.

Christopher Raeburn Men’s Spring 2017

The show riffed on space travel, opening with gleaming white parkas and shorts in Tyvek, a tear-resistant…

Christopher Raeburn RTW Fall 2016

The designer collaborated with Woolmark on a sharp, outerwear-focused collection that mixed the arty with the…

Christopher Raeburn Men’s RTW Fall 2016

While familiar, Raeburn's urban-explorer look — with each exit grounded in dark stovepipe jeans and…

Christopher Raeburn RTW Spring 2016

Christopher Raeburn filled his spring runway with a lighthearted mix of floaty fabrics, kimono wraps and…

Christopher Raeburn Men’s RTW Spring 2016

While loyal to his theme – and the military thread that runs through his label, up to and including…

Christopher Raeburn RTW Fall 2015

Inspired by a large-scale life raft he bought online, Christopher Raeburn sent out a sharp, elegant…

Christopher Raeburn Men’s RTW Fall 2015

Christopher Raeburn is the latest designer to craft clothing from an inflatable boat.

Christopher Raeburn RTW Spring 2015

The designer's spring lineup had an effortless, cool-girl quality.

Christopher Raeburn Men’s RTW Spring 2015

This powerful, polished collection took its cue from an Arizona repository for old Air Force jets.

Christopher Raeburn RTW Fall 2014

The designer was once again inspired by the Icelandic photographer Ragnar Axelsson’s “Last Days of the Arctic&#8221…